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IMSA In-person Classes:

Signals Level II Field  10/25-26 Sanford $545 new certs, $350 renewals.
Sign Technician Level II 9/27-28  St. Cloud $565 new certs, $375 renewals
Sign & Pavement Markings I & 2 years experience are pre-requisite



Intermediate TTC

'The 16 hour Intermediate Course is Required by FDOT for personnel with the responsibility for 

A. Supervising the installation, removal and field maintenance of TTC devices, excluding temporary barriers, end treatments and crash cushions.
B. Inspection of the placement or operational function of temporary traffic control devices, excluding temporary barriers, end treatments and crash cushions. 

Certifications are valid for 4 years.

Course Schedule: 

Virtual Intermediate TTC 8/18-19, 8am-4pm $199 Next class 9/22-23       Email Sherrie@racetosafety.com


Advanced TTC

The 20 hour Advanced Course is required by FDOT for personnel with the authority and responsibility for making decisions on the specific TTC requirements to be implemented. These positions include the following:
A. The Professional Engineer responsible for the development of the Transportation Management Plan (TMP) and design of the TTC Plan.
B. The Worksite Traffic Supervisor in accordance with FDOT Standard Specifications, Section 102

Certifications are valid for 4 years.

Course Schedule: 

In-Person Advanced Course 9/13 and 9/20 8am-6pm each day. $439

Email Sherrie@racetosafety.com


Refresher Courses

FDOT allows CURRENT certifications to be renewed with a 1-day, 8 hour class.. There is no grace period for expired certifications. However, extenuating circumstances, such as hospitalization, jury duty, military service, or cancellation by the provider may request an extension. During the extension period, TTC activities may not be performed.

Refresher Course Schedule:

Virtual Intermediate Refresher 9/9 8am-4pm $159 

Email Sherrie@racetosafety.com